Stan Curtis is a professional engineer. His working life has been mostly spent in starting new companies and in turning around failing companies.

A Prolific Designer of consumer electronics whose products have probably won more "Awards" and "Best Buys" than those of any other designer. Stan's history is, in many ways, a history of the British Hi-Fi industry. In recent years he has developed an in-depth knowledge of a number of "cutting-edge" sensor technologies

Founder-director of Cambridge Audio, Mission, IAG and former Chairman of Wharfedale & Quad; Stan Curtis is a visionary responsible for rescuing some of the best-loved names in British hi-fi and designing over 400 products, including the world's first two-box CD Player, the Cambridge Audio CD1, as well as award-winning amplifiers, loudspeakers and other products for company's as diverse as Rotel, Teac, Quad and B&W (Bowers & Wilkins).

A Career which is summarised in the Career Highlights section and the My Clients section which give a flavour of his past work although confidentiality usually means that the full story can never be told !

Today Stan Curtis is Chairman of RoboScientific Ltd., developers of advanced volatile material sensors ( see )
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