The Hammond TTR-100 Portable Organ

This was a portable gigging organ built in the UK using the parts from the T-series tone-wheel organ. This is a rare portable Hammond made in the 1970s with all the usual features like drawbars and percussion but split so that the top body lifts off from the stand and bottom with two connectors splitting the cables.  Reduces to 4 parts which will fit in a car.  The keyboards etc. are protected by the fold-down lid. It has internal speakers but it is wired to also work with a portable Leslie cabinet such as the 760 model. 

Leslie speaker controls are built into the left hand bank of switches and all the wiring is in place for controlling 11 pin type Leslies

The power amplifier and power supply sits in the bass section which also carries the 13 pedals and the expression control

Note the drop-down back for convenient access and the two built-in 12 inch loudspeakers

• Copyright 2009, 2010
Stan Curtis the hi-fi guru - Hammond TTR100 portable organ-