Compton Electric Organs

In addition to the well known cinema organs John Compton also made a number of small organs for the home or small chapels. These were based upon the Melotone principle with the waveform of the sound being engraved on a rotating disc. I'll try to add more information about these organs in the coming months but for know I'll leave you with a copy of the Service Manual and some photographs.

A single manual Melotone organ

The interior showing the generators and the bank of voicing resistors

A close-up picture of the voicing resistors showing how they hook onto the signal busbars

The Compton Rotofon loudspeaker designed to create a vibrato effect rather like that of the more famous "Leslie" speaker. In this example the 12 inch diameter Celestion speaker is fixed and reproduces the bass frequencies whilst four small 4 inch diameter Rola speakers reproduce the mid-range and high frequencies whilst being rotated in the big arms by means of a pulley and belt drive from an electric motor in the box housing at the bottom of the cabinet.

The Compton single chassis power amplifier

The Compton two chassis power amplifier with the power supply on one chassis & the amp on the second


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Service Manual for the Compton Melotone Organ. An innovative British organ of the 1950s which generated its tones from capacitive discs rotated by a motor. This is a big 11 Mb file so it will take a moment or two to download. An introduction to Compton's can be got by visiting:


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